10 Best Copper Tea Kettle Reviews and Buyers Guide


Several people are today investing in the best copper tea kettle for their kitchen. The top quality tea kettles can last for years and give your kitchen a great and decent look. However, the wide variety of copper tea kettles in the market has made it difficult for both the first time and frequent buyers to tell which the best is.

We looked at 20 different copper tea kettles, consulted 6 tea kettle experts and read through customers’ reviews in our quest to find the top ten best copper kettles in the market. We also considered some of the important factors any buyer should look at when shopping for a new tea kettle.

How to Clean Copper Tea Kettle

  • First place the kettle on the sink and run warm water on a sponge while adding dish soap drops on it.
  • Lather it through the kettle while you scrub it gently removing the oils and dust. Remove the lid and scrub inside the kettle.
  • Rinse the kettle using warm water and dry it using a soft kitchen towel
  • If necessary use a commercial copper polish to remove the tarnish to help bring back the kettle to its initial look.
  • When through, rinse the polish off and dry the kettle using a towel.

10 Best Copper Tea Kettle

1. TY-8320 2724ao by Takegoshi Pure Copper Tea Kettle

Takegoshi TY-8320 Kettle is a top copper tea kettle that is well known for being budget friendly. It will offer the user lots of quality and has a capacity of two liters. Despite being budget friendly, it has a great finish that comprises of a well hammered and top quality copper.

This best copper kettle comes with a wooden handle at the top. The handle enables you to remove it from the heat whenever the coffee is ready. The handle makes it possible to be used on any type of gas stove. However, you will have to exercise lots of caution since there are users who have reported that its bottom gets damaged when high heat is used.

Another top feature that comes with the TY-8320 2724ao by Takegoshi kettle is that it is made from Japan. Japan is not popular when it comes to the manufacture of kettles. However, its quality is above most of the kettles in the market.


  • Perfect for individuals in need of a silent kettle
  • Has a great capacity
  • Quite affordable
  • Comes with a wooden handle
  • Top quality copper is used


  • It is not that decorative
  • The kettle bottom can easily get damaged

2. CopperBull Hammered Thickest 28 Oz Copper Tea Kettle

CopperBull Hammered Thickest 28 Oz Copper Tea Pot Kettle comes with a 28 oz capacity which is pretty decent when compared to other types of copper kettles in the market. You can use this kettle to prepare tea for 3 to 4 people. Its beautiful exterior will for sure complement the stovetop.  The exquisite design for this kettle is not short of unique material.

The surface of this kettle is hammered with copper. This ensures any light that touches the surface reflects making it easily visible.  The design is quite unique and offers a completely antique look. It comes with a wooden handle. The handle ensures handling the pot is safe despite it being too hot.


  • Comes with a wooden handle which makes it safe to use
  • It is quite affordable
  • Can be used by 3-4 people
  • Has a great exterior design
  • Visible in the night due to its reflective surface


  • The nozzle can easily start leaking
  • The burner base is not very wide

3. Old Dutch 852, 2 Qt, Copper Tea Kettle

Most of the tea enthusiasts consider this Old Dutch 852 Tea Kettle as a blessing. It is made using a well polished pure and strong copper that ensures great strength and lastingness.  People are known to prefer this tea kettle since it is free from any discoloration, rust, and flakiness. Investing in the Old Dutch 852 Tea Kettle will ensure you enjoy your coffee.

The handle of this tea kettle is made of wood. This helps in ensuring there is maximum grip whenever you are holding. The nozzles of this kettle are curved which helps in ensuring there are no spills and it allows for a completely stress free pour. It also comes with a clean piece of cloth for regular wipes. This ensures the kettle can remain in good condition for long.

Measuring 9.25 by 7 by 8.5 inches and weighing 1.6 lbs, this kettle is capable of holding up to 2 qt of tea.


  • Never loses color
  • Its nozzle prevents the steam from touching the hand
  • The handle never heats up
  • The design is great
  • Can remain in good condition for long


  • The handle can easily melt if stored close to high flame
  • Can easily get scratched

4. Old Dutch International 875 Copper Tea Kettle

Old Dutch International 875 Copper tea kettle is a very top quality kettle which never requires any polishing. It is made of a completely classic style and comes with a well hammered finish which makes it possible to add the old warm charm to the modern and traditional kitchens.

This modern copper tea kettle is made of a pretty wide base which ensures a fast boiling performance. It also comes with a wide cover opening which makes it easy to fill. You can comfortable use it in all the electric and gas stoves. The handle of this kettle is of great grip and wooden ensuring the users hands are safe from the heat.


  • Comes with a wooden handle
  • Has a wide base for fast boiling
  • Made of classic style
  • Has a well hammered finish
  • Suitable for modern and traditional kitchens


  • Quite expensive
  • Has a short warranty period

5. Gooseneck 40 fl Pour Over Copper Kettle

The Copper Kettle 40 fl Gooseneck Pour over Kettle will enable you to prepare a perfect pour over coffee right at home. This kettle comes well equipped with the inner barista. This makes it possible to prepare delicious pour over coffee. With a holding capacity of 1.2 liters, it is advisable that you boil up to 1 liter every time you are using the kettle.  Boiling at full capacity will always risk overflow.

Measuring 10.8 by 6.2 by 5.8 inches and having a weight of 1.65 pounds, this kettle comes with a thermometer which has been integrated. This will make it possible for the user to brew pour over coffee at a temperature of up to 195-205°F. The thermometer is easy to use and read which makes the work of any kettle user very easy.

This is a perfect kettle for halogen, electric, radiant stovetops and induction. It comes with a one year warranty period. When not pleased with this kettle, you can always return it within the first year and get your full refund.


  • Comes well equipped with an inner barista
  • Has a holding capacity of 1.2 liters
  • It has an inbuilt thermometer
  • Very easy to use and maintain
  • Comes with a one year warranty period


  • Quite expensive
  • Not that durable

6. CopperBull Heavy Gauge 1mm Thick Hammered Tea Kettle

This is a very decent tea kettle that suits people who have pretty large family members in the love with coffee. Having a capacity of 28 oz, it is a very convenient tea kettle you can use on several people. This kettle is made of a beautiful exterior which will for sure complement the stovetop. The design of this kettle is exquisite which makes it short of nothing antique.

The surface which is made of hammered copper. This makes any light that touches the kettle surface to reflect making it a completely unique feature and offers the kettle an antique look. This hammered copper tea kettle comes with a wooden handle that ensures safe handling of the kettle without it getting too hot. Its unique artistry will help in bringing a completely vintage vibe on the kitchen.


  • Able to keep water hot for a long period of time
  • Comes with wooden handles that makes it safe to use
  • Has a beautiful exterior
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Quite small in size
  • The nozzle leaks

7. Copper Coated Gooseneck Pour over Kettle with Thermometer

The Gooseneck Pour over Kettle has a very great look in copper.  It is considered to be one with the best modern style in the market. The copper color offers this kettle with a different look in your kitchen when compared to other kitchen appliances. You will even love this kettle more if your kitchen has décor of copper touches. You can always leave it on the counter and allow it to add color and style in kitchen.

This copper whistling kettle comes with a weighted handle that offers easy handling whenever you are pouring. The handle is also well coated to ensure it never becomes hot.  You will be pleased with its in build thermometer that is included on the lid of this kettle.

Go for this kettle if you are in need of a kettle capable of making a relaxing cup of pour over coffee.


  • Comes with an in built thermometer
  • Brews perfect pour over coffee
  • Comes with a one year warranty period
  • Has the best modern style
  • Great decors touches


  • You will never extract full beans consistency when too cold
  • Quite costly

8. DEMMEX 2019 Natural Handmade Turkish Copper Kettle

This DEMMEX 2019 Natural Handmade Turkish Kettle is a very popular copper kettle thanks to its fantastic quality. It is made using the actual Turkish copper which offers brilliant design and ensures it is durable. There is also intricate detailing which ensures it has a great look. Apart from its great design, you will also be pleased by its authenticity test as it is among the best things you will get from this kettle.

At the inside, there is a food safe coating which is not reactive. This means that anything which passes through the kettle will be safe to consume. Copper will never react with the food and you can always be sure that the water you boil will always be safe to use in preparing tea. Weighing 2.75 lb and having a 2.8 liter capacity, it suits large water amounts to effectively be boiled.


  • Quite affordable
  • Has a great design
  • Suitable for large amounts of water
  • Made using actual Turkish copper
  • Quite lightweight


  • Not that durable
  • Difficult to use and maintain

9. BELLA 14753 Electric Copper Kettle

The BELLA 14753 Electric Kettle Copper is made of an elegance appearance which can easily compliment with any type of kitchen. It comes with a strong and dripped handle which makes it possible for the user to pour water with ease.  This kettle also features an indicator light that will help in revealing to you if the kettle is on or off.

Most copper tea kettle lovers are said to like BELLA 14753 Electric Kettle Copper since it is very easy to set to the desired temperatures. This kettle also comes with an auto shut off feature which can turn it off automatically whenever it gets to the required temperatures.

This copper whistling tea kettle can heat up faster than most of the other kettles in the market. You will also be in a position to switch on the call and will never have to worry whenever you get a call and forced to leave.


  • It is very durable
  • Using this kettle is easy
  • You can move with it as it is portable
  • The price is very fair
  • Easy to maintain


  • Quite heavy for some people
  • You will require some bit of space to store it

10. Old Dutch 1868 Copper Tea Kettle

The Old Dutch 1868 Tea Kettle is a top copper tea kettle that is well known for its vintage belly sculpts. The vintage belly sculpts is the reason why most of the buyers prefer it to the wide variety of copper tea kettles in the market.  It was made by the Old Dutch which is among the oldest kettle manufacturers in the world.

This Old Dutch 1868 Tea Kettle is capable of holding 2 qt capacity and has a weight of around 2 pounds. It is capable of giving a kitchen both the modern and traditional warmth thanks to its varying qualities.  The material is made of pure copper and its color is the same as that of pure copper. It is a perfect kettle for people are into the vintage look.  This kettle is also made of a ceramic handle which has been hand painted to offer it a modern twist.


  • Can heat quickly
  • Comes with a slim nozzle while the spill is less
  • Small in size
  • Users will enjoy benefits of pure copper
  • Very durable


  • Lacks whistle
  • Requires frequent and high maintenance

Criteria to Use When Buying the Best Copper Tea Kettle

There are different brands and models of tea kettles in the market. This has made it difficult for interested buyers to identify which copper tea kettle suits them best. Here are essential factors that will enable you to choose the best copper tea kettles with ease.


It is very important that you know what size of the kettle will suit your needs. You need to know the number of people who you will be preparing the tea for using the kettle. In most cases, it is advisable that you go for kettles with the ability to prepare 1-2 liters capacity. Such kettles will help remove the hassle of having to prepare tea a couple of times.

Ease of Use

Ensure the copper tea kettle you purchase is easy to use. You can tell on this by looking at how simple it is to fill it up and it heats on the stove. Check on the operations of the tea kettle you are about to purchase and determine if it is easy to operate or not.

Heating Surface

Go for tea kettles with wide baseline heating surfaces. This helps in avoiding burning the kettle. Apart from increasing the product’s lifespan it also helps the kettle maintain a decent and elegant look.


How much are you willing to spend on a copper tea kettle? Is the amount enough for a top quality copper tea kettle? Never go for what you cannot afford. Never break your bank just to get a kettle. Most of the cheap kettles are not long lasting and not all high priced kettles perform best.


We hope the above best copper tea kettle review guide has been of great help to you. Ensure you read through the buyers’ guide section before making your final decision on which tea kettle to purchase.  Feel free to contact us for any questions or suggestions.

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