Best Bpa Free Coffee Makers – Reviews and Buying Guide


With the development in science and the realization of common issues facing man kind, people now want to account for what they consume direct or indirectly. With the increasing consumer awearness about harmful plastics, coffee drinkers also are now taking a look at material making coffee brewing machines. The only solution is turning to the best BPA free coffee makers.

Quality and health are everything. Therefore this article focuses on reliable BPA free coffee makers at all budgets. The price variation, according to this article, is significant, with the most affordable product being Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker, and while the most expensive with the best quality item in this list is Oxo Brew Barista Brain Coffee Maker. Read through to realize the 10 best coffee makers in this category.

Best Bpa Free Coffee Makers

1. Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

A great cup of coffee in the morning is enough to transform your day mood or a jovial evening. Well brewed coffee can make you active even if you are in a job that needs concentration. So coffee energizes warms and helps you realize various health benefits.

Presto 02811 Coffee Maker is a digital type that has its heat and makes super tasty coffee up to 12 cups with 12 minutes only. The maker features a super aesthetic design that does not look shaggy if placed anywhere because it’s just ornamental like. This maker comes with a warmer to keep your coffee warm.

Many consumers assume this great coffee maker as the best choice for various reasons, including that it is convenient in that it performs very fast. The coffee brewed is of excellent quality, sweetly fragrant, and smells fresh. Comes with own warmer to ensure you serve a hot coffee anytime you want after brewing.


  • Designed strong and with a stylish look
  • Flexible with power chords  you can remove
  • Brews so quickly and conveniently
  • Produces hot, tasty coffee with sweet fragrant
  • Easy to use and pour


  • The power chord is short
  • Shut off feature is manual

What makes Presto the most ideal is that in this stainless steel coffee maker no plastic whatsoever is used. Actually, as an assurance of exceptional performance and durability to the buyer, the manufacturer offers a 1-year guarantee to either replace or repair should any defect appear.

2. Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

This super coffee maker proves the saying that the old is gold because it is the very first model, Bodum brand ever manufactured, yet today it remains the most quality. Bodum Brazil Coffee Maker is very affordable despite great performance and tasty quality coffee.

Without any use of costly complications, this coffee maker ensures you enjoy tasty classical style coffee with french extraction. This coffee maker is simple, efficient in design, and affordable. It requires little maintenance and is dish washable.

Most users love these coffee makers due to its small size; hence you can keep it anywhere even in a small kitchen. It is a good coffee maker to use in a big family with many coffee enthusiasts as it can brew up to 8 super tasty coffee cups in 4 minutes. Designed in multiple colors and 2 different sizes, which is an attractive option too.


  • Designed light and compact
  • No skills required to use
  • Designed BPA plastic-free
  • Features borosilicate carafe which is heat-resistant
  • You can wash in dishwasher


  • Coffee grounds  filter is not reliable
  • Made of easy to shatter glass carafe

Bodum brazil french press coffee maker makes a super french press coffee that gives the reason to spend your money in worth kitchen appliances. This is a coffee that brings classical times in today’s lives.

3. Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee Maker

This is a great brew station that has a total capacity of up to 12 coffee cups. Hamilton Beach is an aesthetically styled coffee maker that comes with storage pot for convenience such that you can keep your coffee to drink later when it still hot up to 4 hours.

This quality coffee maker brews coffee in uniform taste such that the first cup in 12 cup tastes the same as the last to brew. You can dispense out each cup at a time. Hamilton beach brewstation comes with an inbuilt water heater to ensure the temperature is consistent. No stress shutting of as it features auto-shutoff.

This is a top choice as it comes loaded with exciting features favoring the consumer. You can imagine, it is energy economical in that it self-shuts off when done to save power. The display is digital and programmable, helping you set or adjusting brewing time. Despite all that, the control buttons are easy to understand.


  • Quality and design is worth the price
  • Maintains flavor or aroma quality
  • Easy to understand programmable settings
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Energy-saving auto shut-off


  • You can pause coffee dispensing midway
  • Clogging of mesh filter is common

The no plastic coffee maker comes with a programmable setting to guarantee that you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee anytime you wish. Therefore, this coffee brew station is convenient and safe from common mishandling breakages.

4. OXO BREW  Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker

Oxo Brew Coffee Maker is great news to coffee enthusiasts across the globe. As one of the best bpa free coffee makers, this drip coffee brewer is an SCAA certified model that can produce a classic gold-standard coffee. This is a top choice, consistent coffee maker.

The multi-feature Oxo Brew Barista Brain Coffee Maker is designed in aesthetical perfection such that its stainless steel carafe and plastic accents takes into consideration any kitchen decor. Brewer comes in simple minimalist design for secure handling and placement.

Usability is among the factors that make this coffee maker a top choice and top-rated option. For instance, it features a real-time microprocessor controller that works like superhuman hence the name ‘barista brain.’ the microprocessor checks on water flow speed, temperature, brew time, and volume.


  • Manufactured  sturdy with durable solid construction
  • Scaa certified and brews gold-standard coffee consistently
  • 7-hole showerhead ensures even concentration
  • Uses pulse brewing for ideal extraction
  • Ease of use 1-dial control


  • Pulse brewing isn’t adjustable
  • Brewing process is a bit sow

This coffee maker is user friendly and produces quality coffee that has even saturation. What users love most in this system is that it is dishwasher safe, and parts are removable for easy cleaning. What is so special is the ‘barista brain’ multi-purpose microprocessor controlling every process.

5. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker

Cuisinart brand is a very famous brand that is known to produce super quality coffee makers that are sturdy and capable of designing fresh flavor coffee makers. Cuisinart thermal coffee maker is a 12-cup carafe, stainless steel, and safest coffee maker from Cuisinart brand.

This coffee maker is designed with a large carafe and long power chord. Features pause setting, so you can pause and enjoy a cup of coffee while brewing process continues. Has an easy digital display that enables users to control the process.

The number #1 reason that elevates this coffee maker as top users pick is the fact that unlike most coffee makers, you can pause and get a cup of coffee during the brewing process. Something else comes with a long power chord; hence you can use safely while located far from an electrical socket. It is manufactured using stainless still hence durable.


  • Uses great technology delivering perfect tasting coffee
  • 36-inches long chord ensures convenience
  • Features a 12-cup carafe capacity
  • Brew-pause features are encouraging
  • Coffee taste saturation is even


  • The handle is not properly insulated
  • Makes noise while brewing

Cuisinart stainless steel thermal coffee makers are an excellent option for coffee fans who want a guaranteed cup of coffee at any time.  These coffee makers come in perfect super quality construction using secure steel, which ensures a durability guarantee.

6. Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

CHEMEX is an iconic brand that has been designing top quality stylish coffee makers for over 70 years. As one of the most popular non toxic coffee maker, it is readily available in various stores around the globe. Despite being a top-quality design, it is a beautiful tool that promotes kitchen décor.

This coffee maker is reputable, balancing performance and aesthetical design. CHEMEX Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker comes in two styles with multiple sizes and colors, availing a variety of options for perfect customer satisfaction.  Brews smooth and full-flavored coffee.

This famous coffee brewer is an all-time favorite choice as you can buy a unique color of your choice and convenient size. Coffee maker brews quality flavor with even concentration in every cup. In terms of consumer reviews, it is highly rated with many reviews in praise of the coffee maker hence winning reputability trust.


  • Features a timeless classical ambiance
  • Comes in multiple cup sizes 3 to 10
  • Brews quality and clean coffee
  • Top-rated and reviewed for quality assurance
  • Adds aesthetic kitchen looks


  • Does not maintain coffee temperature
  • Features brittle borosilicate glass

If you intend to purchase a convenient quality from a reputable iconic brand in the market, then CHEMEX can be your best option. What is attractive in buying this coffee maker is that you can get the exact size for your small or large family.

7. Bonavita Connoisseur Bv1901ts Coffee Maker

Connoisseur BV1901TS coffee maker is a quality design that features a real-time ergonomic outlook. The new version has basket mounted and redesigned with stainless carafe. The coffee maker is convenient all through, and users can be able to get a fast brew.

This option from Bonavita is aesthetically designed, retains heat, and works in one touch. Basket rails make pouring smooth and facilitate heat retaining. Spray arm shape and basket helps in the total extraction of ground coffee beans.

What makes this option a better alternative is that the brewing process automatic and simple, just one touch of the button. The stylishly designed coffee maker also retains enough heat. The plastic free coffee maker is durable and performs very fast as brews in around 6 minutes.


  • Good for even and consistent coffee
  • A pre-infusion mode is effective
  • Operates very fast and in one touch
  • Features on-rail basket enhancing heat retention
  • Aesthetic and durable stainless steel


  • You cannot detach the reservoir
  • Looks manual as lacks a programmable display

This coffee maker is an exciting model that resembles a pour-over brewing methodology. Brews coffee that is evenly saturated and hence an ideal option that is reliable.

8. Le Creuset Pg8200-1059 Stoneware French Press Coffee Maker

Here comes an awe-inspiring one of the most popular coffee maker without plastic in the market. The le Creuset brand takes pride in being a strong standing company for almost 80 years in the industry producing only quality products.

Designed with high-fired stoneware for quality and excellent uniqueness. The non-porous enamel used in the creation of this coffee maker prevents cracking, staining, and chipping .as if that is not enough, the quality enamel ensures the coffee produce is odor-free and fresh flavored.manufuctured in various colors.

Since consumers always look for a durable product that will take long before replacements, that is what makes this coffee maker top choice since it is designed from the hardest enamel. Also, the fact that brewed coffee doesn’t have any bad cookware smell and maintains the french press flavor, it is a perfect option. Manufacturer avails several color shades hence great opportunity.


  • The coffee maker comes  durable durable
  • Designed in 11 color shades
  • Easy to wash with dishwasher
  • Available in ergonomic and glossy aesthetic design
  • Enamel finish is non-porous hence odor-free


  • Maker surface is prone to scratches
  • Coffee grind is sometimes problematic

This coffee maker comes in stylish and ornamental designs. You can wash smoothly in the dishwasher, which makes washing easy. The 11 bold colors manufacturer avails allow users to have comprehensive choice options.

9. Eurolux Percolator Coffee Maker Pot

Eurolux, a Sweden based company, is globally ranked top home appliances manufacturers. The reputable company has stood undisturbed due to the services and durable products the company produces.  Over 100 years now, the brand has been providing quality stainless steel coffee makers.

Eurolux percolator is a stovetop percolator that brews on the stove and a great camping device. This 9 cups coffee maker is among the popular bpa free coffee makers that produce a healthy and tasty coffee. Features quality premium heavy-duty materials that are stainless steel and dishwasher safe.

What makes this percolator an ideal option to choose in the market situation is that it features delighting irresistible and consistent coffee taste. It is best for campers as features with no fuse or chords or plastic. Manufacturers sell with user manuals for convenience.


  • Retails in a budget-friendly price
  • Doesn’t contain toxic BPA or Teflon materials
  • Designed using stainless steel and eco-friendly substances
  • Features a well-insulated wooden handle
  • Designed lightweight and hence portable


  • Does not have own source of heat
  • No displaying programmable display

Eurolux Coffee Maker ensures you get an authentic coffee cup every single morning. With no plastic in its design, this percolator delivers to you the durability that you cannot comprehend.

10. Lindy’s 49w Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Maker

This is a known coffee maker that is a hybrid between the drip-style and percolator coffee maker option. However, in terms of performance, it brews faster than a percolator. Like other no plastic coffee makers, Lindy’s 49w is 100% plastic-free.

This hybrid is easy to wash but has a higher capacity of 10 cups hence greater than most drip-style manual coffee makers and French presses. Designed uniquely in that it sits on a pot .since has no plastic, you will not have the plastic smell in your coffee.

As best consumers’ choice, you can vary the number of coffee cups you wish to produce between 1 and 10 cups. Another attractive that brings consumers into buying this coffee maker is that it very affordable yet contains no plastic in its is a nice product that can help those living far from the power grind or maybe when you are traveling or camping.


  • High capacity making up to 10 coffee cups
  • Sells at an affordable price
  • Designed plastic and Teflon free
  • Brews faster compared to a percolator
  • Camping  friendly as requires no electric power


  • Has no own heater needs a stove
  • Works with coarse grinds

As long as you have a gas, stove, or any cookware source of heat, you do not have to stay withing energy grind coverage to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Smells no plastic as is designed bpa free and plastic-free.

Criteria To Buying Coffee Makers Which Are Bpa Free

When you are looking for the best bpa free coffee makers, there are few things you should be checking in order to get all quality you are looking for.

Convenience, Size, and Brew Capacity:

 The reason behind looking for BPA free product is because you are cautious about your health. Check for quality coffee makers that features also like easy to handle when hot and with simple designs for convenience and time-saving.

Think about the available storage and number of coffee cups you intend to brew. Buy the coffee maker that has the capacity you wish, and if you want portable, look for litter options. Also, consider the size that can either fit in the countertop of your kitchen.

Heat Retention:

If you want a BPA free maker that will allow you to drink your coffee for sometimes, go for the one with a thermal-lined base that would keep your coffee hot for sometimes.

Multiple Brewing Options:

For convenience, you should go for a coffee maker as a setting that can brew a single cup going up because you may need to brew 4 cups and later have some visitors and want to brew 10.cups. Other options are like grinding texture, temperature setting, and grinding time. All that enhances convenience.

Types of Bpa Free Options:

There are three main types of coffee brewing options that all come with a different flavor. Think about the option you want first. Whether, french press, there is stovetop espresso maker and percolators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BPA free coffee maker?

These are coffee makers that do not contain Bisphenol-A compounds found in most plastics products. Bpa chemicals interfere with human endocrine, and when plastic with that content is used, the chemicals end up in the brewed coffee leading to serious health issues. So those plastic leak substances into drinking coffee.

What is the safest coffee maker?

The safest coffee maker is the coffee maker that is designed BPA free and, if possible, contains no plastic construction materials. Such coffee makers will no induce any health issues. Additionally,  safety is not only when egested. The good coffee maker should have a stainless steel body and handles that are well insulated so as not to burn your hand when handling.

How to choose a bpa plastic free coffee maker

Since we all know that BPA is a hazardous chemical, to choose the BPA coffee maker, check out the following ideologies. The base point takes not on construction materials. The safe choice you need to go for makers using glass and stainless steel. Ensure that the coffee maker has no plastic parts that get in any close contact with your coffee, whether the water or ground beans.
Read out the level to ensure no BPA containing materials in the construction because not all BPA is regulated.

What is the healthiest way to brew coffee?

The study shoes drinking unfiltered coffee can lead to cardiovascular mortality. However, drinking filtered coffee will lead to a healthier body than if you don’t drink any coffee. So the healthiest way is to ensure you filter your coffee anytime you are drinking.


Choosing the best bpa free coffee makers after careful reading through this article should be an exciting task. In this contest, we go the extra mile in giving you what to check in the market should you fail to follow the discussed products. The key thing to mind is the process, the type of coffee maker you want, and your budget. Good luck!

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