Best Coffee Beans for Jura Machines – Review & Ultimate Guide


My friend Alisa is a die-heart lover of Coffee from the Jura machine. But she is worried about the best coffee beans which are needed for a perfect coffee. Jura is a super-automatic machine for Coffee. But you need to give high-quality beans to this machine.

Bad beans never give you a satisfying flavor. There are many variations in the World of Coffee beans. Get the best cup of Coffee at home by choosing your favorite brand. Depending on your preference for choosing the best coffee beans for Jura machines, your morning coffee will make your day more enthusiastic.

Top 10 Best coffee beans for Jura Machines – Comparison

Choosing the best coffee beans for a super-automatic Jura machine is a challenging job. You need to know about the perfect features of Coffee beans when you are going to buy it. Here you will get a short segment of the ten best Coffee beans for Jura machines. It helps you make a comparison between them.

Best Coffee Beans for Jura machines – Review & Ultimate Guide

If you have a Jura machine for making Coffee, maybe you already know that you need non-oily beans. The Jura machine can do everything, from grinding to frothing milk. But this machine is difficult to clean. Dark and oily are clogging inside the machine. More dark beans are more oily in features.

Here you will get a list of the best ten coffee beans for Jura Machine, which helps you to know about it:

1. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee

Are you a fan of whole bean coffee? From 120 years along, Lavazza comes with the highest quality of coffee beans, which is wholly blended to bring a perfect Italian coffee experience. Lavazza is a global Italian brand as a premium coffee roaster. From 1895 Lavazza family for four generations distributed this Coffee to Turin and Italy.

It is a perfect coffee for those who like traditional espresso coffee. There is no sugar needed because this Coffee is naturally sweet. It is 2.2 pounds in weight, 1 millimeter in volume, and a whole bean super crema coffee. Packed by a vacuum type which has a one-way valve. As the best-selling coffee brand, Lavazza is recognized by all.

Product Features:

  • Super Crema Coffee: Lavazza is fulfilled with rich crema in taste. These super crema flavors are enriched with notes of roasted hazelnut, brown sugar, and harmony of Italian espresso.
  • Aromatic Taste: You will get a sweet aroma and sharp flavor with compact, thick crema. Within rich aromatic intensity, this coffee bean has flowery and fruity notes and soft texture.
  • Composition of Best Materials: It contains 60 percent of Arabica and 40 percent of Robusta. Forgiving a well-balanced taste, they make a composition of selected beans with innovative roasting techniques.
  • Method of Preparation: you can make an aromatic blend by preparing it by an espresso machine. Roasted hazelnut and brown sugar enrich the tasting notes.
  • Art & Culture: A coffee blend creating a bond present to the future, which arises from inspiration, dedication, and intuition.

2. DEATH WISH COFFEE Dark Roast Coffee Grounds

DEATH WISH Coffee Dark Roast Coffee grounds is the World’s most robust Coffee. It is USDA organic products. Here you got North American cuisine and 16.5 ounces in weight. This Coffee contains double the caffeine and is covered by the flavor of chocolate and cherry.

Product Features:

  • Most Potent Flavor: Death Wish raises the taste of your morning joe with a bold, tasty, and healthy drink. It can refresh your mind for a new day.
  • Heroic Aroma: In this Coffee, you will get no bitterness with a smooth and subtle flavor of Cherry and chocolate. It is a combination of ground premium arabica and Robusta coffee beans collected from the entire World.
  • Quality Drink: Within every sip, you will get the taste of high-quality coffee grounds and letting out all other store-bought Coffee. You can rejoice with excellent quality and artisanal flavor.
  • Decent and Organic: You will fall in love with every pack of 16 oz. Bag of Death Wish Coffee. You will obtain natural caffeine to stimulate your body with this USDA authorized Organic Coffee.
  •  Self-reliant: There is no risk if you don’t like Death Wish Coffee after buying. The manufacturer refunds your order without any problems. So you can try this outstanding Coffee which is praised by thousands of customers.

3. Koffee Kult ThunderBolt Whole Bean Coffee

Koffee Kult Thunderbolt is the most desired Coffee, located in Hollywood, Florida. It is roasted in an environment-friendly way. Here hand roasters use it for the best coffee blends. There is a brown color in French Roast, and oil is not getting in the beans.

It is a unique and aromatic flavored coffee with a long finish. Koffee Kult is a different combination of Coffee with 100% Arabica, collected from Columbia and Brazil. This Coffee provided 32 oz bags and ensured high-quality coffee beans.

Product Features:

  • Tasty Flavor: Koffee Kult is a whole bean coffee flavored with mild cherry, caramel, Dark Chocolate, and walnuts. Sweet finished French roast coffee beans featured with medium acidity and a crisp. The aromatic taste satisfied you like gourmet coffee.
  • Sourced from origin: For bringing original taste, this coffee beans sourced from Colombian whole coffee production. That’s why every sip, you will get delightful Coffee without chemical contamination.
  • Carry the Coffee Shop at home: You will get a perfect taste of restaurant coffee at home. For making a high-quality beverage, you can use a drip coffee maker or French press. It becomes an excellent gift for men, women on any particular day like birthday or Christmas day.
  •  Freshly packed: Packaging is so unique that the coffee beans are packed instantly after roasting. With every brew, you will get the fresh and pleasant taste of aroma on this gourmet coffee.
  • Strengthen Community: For making a strong community of producers, this Coffee is sourced from the origin. This Community works for the betterment of workers and their families, which gives a mental serenity when buying this Coffee.

4. Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

From 1975 searching for perfect beans and Roast began. Roasters coax the beans and heat, making them dark and deep. For the addition of caramelly sweetness, the quest never changed. After finishing lots of experiments, this Coffee comes to your hand. It requires proper heat to give rise to acidity, aroma, flavor, and body.

Here it comes robust in features and Intense Roast. Blonde Roast is a mellow and lighter body roast. This light Roast soothingly arouses the senses. The medium Roast comes with a smooth and balanced body with little kick hearty Roast. And Dark Roast arrives bold and fuller-bodied. Forgetting instant Starbucks coffee, first, grind the whole bean coffee. Blended beans come from Latin America and Asia.

Product Features:

  •  Intense Espresso Coffee: Espresso roasted Coffee is caramelly sweet and combined nicely with steamed milk.
  • Best Coffee at home: you can enjoy the best Coffee at your home. This dark Coffee brings your stamina back.
  • Dark roasted taste: Starbucks offers dark roasted Coffee with a bold flavor. There is not any bitterness.
  • Preparation: To get perfect taste, you need to use filtered water, a clean Jura machine, and blended beans for brewing.
  • Package: Starbucks delivers 12 ounces of 6pack of the whole beans Coffee.

5. Kicking Horse Whole Bean Coffee

Kicking Horse is a whole bean coffee with a 454 horsepower dark roast. However, it is an organic coffee with fair trade ingredients. Kicking Horse is a heavy-bodied coffee delivered from Indonesia.

You will get dark roasted Coffee with glimmers of cocoa. Never tangle this horse when you are not ready to buck. It is a rocky mountain roasted Coffee that is smooth, bold, and courteous. For the question of environmental position, it is in a no-compromise place.

Product Features:

  • Indonesian heavy, rich Coffee: Kicking horse whole bean coffee is decadent and rich in features. It is enriched with cocoa tones and earthy taste.
  • Organic Coffee: It is a certified organic coffee. This brand is partisans about beans.
  • Arabica Beans: Premium arabica beans improved the taste of this Coffee. It appears dark and woodsy.
  • Freshest taste: The beans are ever fresh in the pack though it collects in a new position.
  • Certified: Kicking Horse coffee certified as organic, fair trade, and kosher.

6. Counter Culture Coffee- Whole bean Coffee

Counter Culture is a whole bean coffee that is roasted freshly. Sustainably farmed products, which are 12oz in 1bag. Flavor named big Trouble. For 25years, this brand delivered the best and sustainable Coffee.

This brand makes a relationship with the farmer and originator around the World for collecting the best beans. In this Community, they build trust, clarity and boost quality for this chain of coffee families either brewing at home or professional place, create a bond as a stunning partner.

Product Features:

  • Approved Kosher: All the coffee beans are exceptionally collected from the sustainable producer. Maintaining a relationship with partners helps to get the best products.
  • Round, Nutty, and Caramel: Counter Culture Coffee roasted level is 63. Big Trouble organized the best beans around the World. Ingredients can change over time but always taste the same with nutty and caramel flavor round beans.
  • Combine Components: Making a combination of components with variations of nuttiness, caramel, and dark chocolate. 10% Baroida, Papua New Guinea / 15% Urcunina, Colombia / 75% Incahuasi.
  • Roasted fresh: After placing an order, the manufacturer roast your coffee beans, so get fresh Coffee as always. Never take products from third party authentication.
  • Sustainability: Since 1995, Counter culture works relentlessly for their improvement of products and developing Community among coffee lovers.

7. Equal Exchange Breakfast Blend Organic Coffee

From 30 years ago, Equal Exchange built an alternative system of trade that lifts small family farmers. From chocolate and tea, with cashews and cocos, Equal Exchange works to make a supply chain around the World. In this Coffee, you will get an excellent combination of a creamy mouthful with roasted nuts, chocolate brownie,e, and caramel. Equal Exchange is a dedicated worker’s Community as factual, fair trade.

Product Features:

  • Included in pack: One bag contains 12oz, which is 0.75 in weight. Ingredients are organic and 100% Arabica Coffee.
  • Roast: This sweet classic Coffee roasted in a balanced medium and French Roast blend.
  • Where is it grown? It is cultivated by small-scale farmers of Africa, Latin America, and Asia.
  • Preparation: The secret of brewing this perfect Coffee proposes 1-2 TBSP of Coffee mixed with 6oz.of water.
  • Certification: The ingredients are 100% fairly traded, gourmet quality, certified by USDA, and certified Kosher.

8. Stumptown Coffee Roasters French Roast Whole bean Organic Coffee

Almost 20 years ago, Stumptown started respectably roasting Coffee. Setting up their headquarters in Portland, Oregon, Stumptown collecting, burning, then serving the best quality coffee around the World. Stumptown struggles to be a pioneer in this sector and attained B crop status in 2018.

They grow Coffee without any fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides. Now they work to enrich the Community and betterment of employees. They frequently change their initiative to develop the quality of products. Creating positive interaction, they build up a supply chain for ensuring high-quality Coffee.

Product Features:

  • Prefer your beverage: All the beans of Coffee are roasted skillfully for every taste. From single-origin to bold Coffee and light to dark Roast, they give rise to the full capacity of a bean.
  • Organic dark roast combination: Stumptown French roast is an organic blend with a toasty dark roast. The Roast is big and smoky but not burnt. Sipping remarks is clove and bittersweet chocolate.
  • Roasted beans Freshly: Unopened bags keep the coffee beans fresh up to 90days. After opening, enjoy all Coffee within two weeks. It is a European cuisine with 12 ounces in weight.
  • Sustainability: For doing profitable coffee business, Stumptown contributes to the environment, producers, and CommunityCommunity. Attaining B corp status, they yearn to become chief in sustainability.
  • About STUMPTOWN Coffee Roasters: Over 20 years ago, Stumptown started their experiment on Coffee. For providing an innovative taste, they set imaginative chefs and creative artists.

9. Equal Exchange Ethiopian Organic Coffee

Ethiopia is the motherland of Coffee. Equal Exchange Ethiopian Organic Coffee collected its coffee beans from the southern state of Ethiopia. It is a natural processed organic coffee which deserves a reputation. The beans dried up within the fruits and were completed with a dense sweetness and sophistication.

There are three flavors of fruits available in this Coffee: strawberry, blueberries, and red grapes. It is covered with a long fruity finish, which notes brown sugar, ginger, and brown butter. Three packs contain 12oz.

Product Features:

  •  Natural flavored Coffee: There is no chemical flavor blend here. You will get genuine, authentic Coffee every time.
  • Full city roast beans: It is a medium-light roast Coffee.
  • Mouthfeel: These coffee beans are Thick and comprehensive.
  • Fairly Traded: Equal Exchange Ethiopian coffee has a fairly traded supply chain around the World.
  • Certification: It is certified by Kosher pareve and the Orthodox Union. USDA is also certified as an organic Coffee.

10. Starbucks Blonde Roast Whole bean Coffee – Veranda Blend

The farmers of Latin America grow Coffee for decades and create their homes on the same land of Coffee. Starbucks brand collects its Coffee from them, and that time is sitting on the veranda. The beans are lightly toasted. Within 80 attempts, then it gets a mellow, soft, and flavorful feature.

Product Features:

  • Mellow and Soft Blonde Roast: The Blonde Roast is ultimately obtained with a soft and mellow flavor.
  • About Veranda Blend: It is lighter, gentle, and not being bold from the farmer’s veranda.
  • Enjoy your Coffee at home: You can receive your delicious coffee cup at home, which gives you the taste of a cafe.
  • Preparation: If you want to get the best quality of Coffee, use filtered water, and wash out your machine before operating, then grind the beans.
  • Quantity: In each bag enclosed with a 6pack of 12ounces whole bean coffee, 5.03 pounds in weight.


Q. Do I need to grind my whole bean coffee?

Of course. Jura machines do it for you.

Q. From where is the best Coffee cultivated?

Best Coffee cultivated in Ethiopia, Costarica, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Yemen, etc.

Q. Is Coffee full of chemicals?

Conventional Coffee is cultivated with heavy fertilizer and the procedure of making also full of chemicals. But now communities stop this impact and grow naturally.

Q. Is Death Wish Coffee safe?

The food and Drug administration declares that up to 400mg caffeine is safe for our body. But 8 ounces Death Wish Coffee contains 472mg caffeine, which is harmful to the body.

Q. What should I look for when buying coffee beans?

For buying coffee beans, you have to look at your preference first, then determine caffeine, roasted date, and go for a respected coffee roaster.

Final Thoughts

For choosing your coffee beans, remember one thing, the Jura machine is not working well with oily beans. So it should be wise to avoid oily and dark beans because darker beans tend to be oily. Select medium roasted and soft beans; otherwise, Jura machine grinders will damage within a short time. Choose your coffee beans wisely and have your Coffee nicely.

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