10 Best Coffee Maker for Office


Most office employees love to jump-start their day with a shot of caffeine. This way they can keep up with the tremendous office activities and work all day feeling energized and vigorous with less fatigue.

How fast they can brew, how good the quality of the coffee maker is, and does it possess the quality features to provide coffee 24/7 without disrupting your office schedule. These things needs to be considered when selecting a coffee maker for the office.

With the help of this article, getting the best coffee maker for office with the quality features is just one click away.

10 Best Coffee Maker for Office

1. Keurig K155 Office Pro

This fully automated brewing machine is the ideal coffee maker for an office and designed to make the perfect cup of beverage with just a push of a button. It also possesses a screen touch technology that allows you to program your desired coffee type with your preferred temperature.

Thanks to the programmable screen touch interface, varieties of options and language preferences have been set to satisfy individuals’ tastes. There is also the four-cup sizes and removable drip tray which houses travel mugs and hot water tank.  Besides, there is a 12-count K-cup variety box as a bonus.

Deciding on which Automatic Coffee Machine for Office to buy should not be difficult anymore. The Keurig K155 office pro is one of the best coffee maker out there. It is simple, fast, and efficient. It can also brew over 500 varieties of coffees.


  • Brew in less than a minute
  • Automatic and programmable
  • Different Brew Size and strength
  • Highly durable for day to day usage
  • The water tank is larger which lessen the frequency of refilling


  • The screen touch technology often malfunction
  • It gives off a plastic taste if not properly cleaned with the recommended sanitation methods

Final verdict

As expected of one of the best office coffee machine out there. Its programmable functionality provides you with a variety of options to choose from, ensuring a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. This automatic coffee maker comes along with a water reservoir that can make up to 18 cups of coffee before refilling.

The ideal coffee machine you desire in your office.

2. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer

The 2-way brewer design entails stainless steel durability and various brewing options. Most workers like to get their coffees at the nearest coffee shop because they believe it has the quality of brew they desire. This affordable coffee machine is here to change your mind.

The Hamilton Beach can brew a basic or premium-roast coffee with little time and cost as the coffee shop. Some of its features are the two ways brew, 12-cup carafe, standard size water reservoir for both single cup and carafe, programmable functionality, auto-off, and brew strength selector.

The Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer is very reliable in an office. Not only does it offer a single-serve but also comes with a full pot cover maker that can serve up to 12 cups of coffee. This means that about 12 office clerks can have his/her cup of coffee without the need of waiting or stalling.


  • Two-way brew
  • Brew strength selector (regular & bold)
  • Programmable functionality to brew your coffee while performing another task
  • Single-serve mesh filter
  • Heating pad to keep your carafe coffee warm


  • The single-serve brews slowly
  • Low durability

Final Verdict

This 2-two way coffee machine is one of a kind type of brewer. It offers a double option of either personally brewing your cup of coffee or a carafe for the whole office.

3. Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker & Coffee Mug

Getting your fresh coffee with pure taste just got easier. The Sboly Single Serve coffee maker is designed with a durable & compatible structure. Its structure is much smaller but extremely effective. It also allows brewing to be done in two ways with just a push of a button.

Fully automated with an auto cleaning button and auto-off. It also comes along with a vacuum insulated tumbler, keeping your coffee warm for about 6 hours. This is indeed one of Best Single Serve Coffee Maker for Office out there.

Every office clerk desires a personal or office coffee machine that can brew the perfect coffee with the perfect strength. Its small size allows it to fit perfectly into any corners or office table. Brewing your coffee is also faster and efficient.


  • Easy to use
  • Light-weighted
  • Small structure to fit in any space
  • Automatic
  • Auto-cleaning


  • Often dispense ½ or excess of the coffee brewed
  • The Size of cup to be brewed can’t be controlled

Final Verdict

If you are worried about getting a coffee maker that will end up eating up valuable space in the office. You should try out the Sboly single-serve coffeemaker. The Sboly structural design is very compact, which makes it fit perfectly in any corner or table in the office.

4. Gevi Drip Coffee Maker

Through innovations of various engineers under Gevi, the industry has developed various appliances and are now committed to providing you with the best brewing experiences. The Gevi drip coffee maker offers classic features that enable continuous brewing with little stress and time consumption.

It features an automated power on/off and brews 12-cup size of carafe coffee in less than 8 minutes. There is also the specially designed ergonomic handle to resist high temperature, plus the 30s auto-pause function that actively prevents dripping.

The large carafe, which can hold up to 12 cups of coffee, is the most desired feature for an office. Certainly, there will not be long hold-ups in an office. Getting your shot of quality caffeine for an energized body is now extremely easier.


  • Easy to use
  • Automated on/off
  • 30s auto-pause function
  • Keep warm  function
  • Dishwasher parts


  • Some of the carafes might be defective upon arrival
  • Brews less cup of coffee than expected

Final Verdict

Some of its desired features like the automatic on/off and hot plate explains why it is highly desired. There are times when you get lost in your work and forget that cup of coffee that you are brewing. This coffeemaker is here to save you with its auto-off function.

It is also easy to wash. Its only downside might be the issue of brewing less cup of coffee, which does not happen often.

5. Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 is one kind of office coffee maker. This stainless steel coffeemaker can brew about 14 cups of coffee with its carafe. It makes the perfect temperature coffee you desire to jumpstart your day.

There is a reusable gold-tone filter provide for easy brewing. Another feature is the control panel, which is fully automatic and programmable. It also self-clean and can be set to brew a minimum of 1-4 cups of coffee. The fully automated control panel comes along with an indicator and a 24hrs that allows you to brew ahead.

It was designed plainly for commercial usage. The more reason why it is one of the best coffee maker is that it ensures a hotter coffee without affecting its flavor or quality. With this coffee maker, Office clerks can rest assured of brewing their desired coffee either bold or regular flavor.


  • Brews an excellently flavored coffee
  • The carafe design keeps the coffee hot for 6 hours
  • Fully automated
  • Easy to clean
  • Beeping indicator


  • The warming plate wears off too quickly
  • Warranty does not include shipping

Final Verdict

This is another top-notch best office coffee machine for your daily use. It is called perfect temperature coffeemaker for a reason you know. There’s no need to worry about your coffee going cold while you work. It was built to retain the perfect temperature of your coffee for about 6 hours long.

6. Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Getting a cup of quality coffee should not also be a tedious task to overcome in an office. Mr. Coffee is here to make you a quality-brewed coffee in no time. There are times we need that shot of caffeine desperately. The auto pause features enable you to pour your cup of brewed coffee without interrupting or waiting before the whole carafe is brewed.

Filling and cleaning have never been so easier. It features a removable basket filter that can be placed and removed quickly. There is also an indicator that lights on and off respectively.

No one wants to make a mess when preparing that hot cup of coffee. This quality coffee maker is simple to use and extremely convenient on the hand. You can also get your cup coffee without necessarily waiting for the whole carafe to be filled.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean filter
  • Brews an excellently flavored coffee
  • Perfect temperature
  • Auto pause function


  • Low durability
  • Not programmed with the auto-off function

Final Verdict

It comes along with a removable basket filter for easy filling and cleaning. There is also the auto-pause function and indicator that can aid you in the usage of this coffeemaker.

7. Zutto Coffee Maker EC-DAC50

Introducing the first Zojirushi’s collection of the Zutto Series. Designed and structured to brew that quality cup of coffee anywhere and anytime. The size of the carafe measures up to about 5 cups. Inclusive features consist of a removable water tank and filler.

Its uniqueness lies in the charcoal water filler. This helps to purify the water for better-flavored coffee and can last up to 2 years. It also features a cone basket held within the glass carafe.

Its compact design allows it to fit perfectly in an office, occupying little space. There is also an automatic warm function. This way office workers would not need to worry about their flavored coffee going cold before taking it.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact design that makes it fit perfectly on countertops and office tables
  • Automatic warm function
  • Brews an excellent coffee
  • Easy to clean


  • Low durability
  • Leaks from the fast pouring of coffee from the carafe

Final Verdict

This is also a compact design coffeemaker that can fit perfectly anywhere in the office. Another interesting feature is the charcoal water filler that can help purify your water for better taste.

8. Mocca KBG Coffee Brewer

The design of the Moccamaster KGB 59462 comes with barista quality elements and features to brew that quality coffee you desire. The unique features of this coffee maker are the automatic drip-stop brew-basket and hot plate. These two features work perfectly to keep your coffee hot and flavored for about 100 minutes.

The automatic brew basket eliminates the need to be cautioned about dripping. This feature allows you to move your carafe and pour without dripping. There is also the water reservoir, which can hold up to 10 cups. In addition, it comes with an automatic shut off function.

This is an ideal coffee maker for an office. Most workers worry about their coffee going cold before they even get the chance to taste their flavored coffee. This is a different story with the Moccamaster KGB. You can now work rest assured your coffee is ever warm and hot with the help of the hot plate and 9-hole outlet arm.


  • Automatic shut off
  • Easy to use
  • Brews an excellent coffee
  • Consistent temperature
  • Fast to brew


  • Some of the holes are defective
  • Not all the grounds are entirely wet

Final Verdict

Here is another automatic shut off and drip-stop brew basket in one coffeemaker. It also comes along with a hot plate to keep a consistent temperature.

9. De’Longhi ESAM3300 Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

This is one of the Best Coffee Maker for Small Office you can find out there. The perfect dual brew style coffee maker that brews your coffee just the way you like it. With De’Longhi’s coffee maker, making that cup of Espresso or Cappuccino is just one button away.

Another aspect of this coffee maker that has made it famous is its unique feature. The burr grinder with 13 adjustable settings, the adjustable cappuccino system, adjustable settings that allow you to brew your coffee the way you like them, either bold or regular.

This coffee machine offers two different styles of coffee. This feature alone is enough to make office workers covet them. Some people just want that cup of espresso and some just find their cup of cappuccino refreshing.


  • The removable double boiler makes it easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Makes the perfect Cappuccino and Espresso just the way you like it
  • Brews both ground and bean coffee
  • Adjustable control panel for different cup sizes, brew-strength, and temperature.


  • Low durability
  • Poor after-sales service

Final Verdict

If you know your colleagues are the type that gets picky with the type of coffee to start their day. Then you should consider buying a De’Longhi dual system coffeemaker that can brew both espresso and cappuccino coffee.

10. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Just as the name presumes, this Ninja brand allows you to brew your hot and cold flavored beverage. Equipped with the advanced thermal flavor extraction and Auto IQ. You can now prepare and enjoy a cold-brewed coffee or flavored Hot Brewed iced coffee.

Features include; specially designed to brew hot over ice coffee at double strength for a more flavored coffee or tea, adjustable brew and cup size, no pods required for brewing, and a fold-away hot and cold frother.

There are few cases whereby office workers prefer starting their day with a cup of tea instead. This coffeemaker provides two different baskets for both bagged or leaf tea and ground coffee. There is no need to despair about not getting your cup fresh flavored brewed tea anymore.


  • Extremely detailed
  • Brews an excellent coffee
  • Comes with a Frother to either warm your milk or froth it
  • Has a system function for brewing your espresso or latte
  • Easy to operate


  • No hot plate for warming
  • Water reservoir tends to leak after long term use

Final Verdict

Not everyone likes that hot cup of coffee and some cannot do without having a cold cup of coffee. There is also a bonus features to it, two separate baskets for two separate type of beverage. Tea lovers shouldn’t be left out in this adventurous journey of office coffee break.

Criteria to Buy

There are reasons why some coffeemakers are known to be the best coffee maker for office. Knowing these reasons saves you a lot of time and effort for quality purchase.

Get a coffee machine that is easy to operate! Not everyone can understand the complex programming and function required by some coffee machine to brew. Most people just want that quick cup of hot coffee with just a push of a button.

It must also be easy to clean. The office is always busy and wouldn’t want a coffee maker that keeps messing up the place. Coupled with the extreme difficulty of cleaning.

There is also the time for brewing and quality of the coffee brewed by the coffee maker. This might seem like a minor factor but they are still essential to save time and boosting of morale.

Also, be on the watch for large carafe types of coffeemakers. For instance, using a single-serve coffee maker in a large organization can be a flaw. Waiting for your fellow employee to fill his cup will surely be disappointing and time wasting. That is a different story with a 12-cup carafe coffeemaker.

We also need to put the cost and maintenance into consideration. There is always a budget for any purchase in the office. The budget of your office should be deeply remembered when purchasing your coffeemaker. There are various coffeemakers out there with different cost rates. Some of them even function in a similar way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best coffee maker for an office?

Topping the table for best coffee maker is the Cuisinart perfectemp DCC-3200P1 followed by Mr. Coffee, Hamilton Beach 2-Way, Zojirushi Zutto coffee maker, Technivorm Moccamaster coffee brewer, and Keurig K155 Office Pro.

Who uses an office coffee machine?

Virtually everyone in an office will make use of the coffee machine. You will be surprised to see a non-coffee drinker even savoring a cup of coffee in the morning. Taking coffee is particularly a habit for deep coffee drinkers. This habit has developed to be a professional one over the years.

How do I make coffee at my desk?

It is quite understandable that many people find the office coffee, not to their taste. Making your flavored coffee is extremely possible. Getting yourself a personal single-serve coffee maker like Sboly or any compact design coffee maker should be the first step.

How Can I Make My Coffee Taste Better?

If you want to make your coffee taste better then you should consider following instructions enlisted by the manufacturer. Most coffee makers would suggest steps to follow to ensure a better-flavored coffee. People often ignore most of this instructions and this sometimes ends up ruining the taste of your coffee.
You can also follow these few hints to improve the taste of your coffee.

Properly clean your coffee machine as instructed by the manufacturer

– Perform a trial run
– Try using cold water
– Make sure the temperature is perfect
– Try using a filtered water
– Get yourself quality coffee beans
– Make sure the beans or grounds are properly stored

Let’s learn about different types of coffee beans.


Choosing a best coffee maker for office should not be another tedious task for you. We have listed a series of quality coffee makers just for you. Furthermore, with the aid of this article, you can now decide how each coffeemaker can satisfy both individual and collective taste of coffee.  Your dream office coffee maker is just a click away.

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