10 Best Manual Coffee Grinder For French Press


Most French flavor taste enthusiasts have their coffee grinders. Well, you may choose to but already ground coffee beans, but when you brew freshly ground coffee beans, the French flavor taste and aroma will be perfect. Purchasing the best manual coffee grinder for French press for your home can guarantee that you will always enjoy a delicious aromatic coffee anytime you wish.

To help you find an ideal manual coffee grinder, we avail to you tested top quality coffee grinders with varying prices. If you can not afford the most coffee grinder, like Zassenhaus Santiago Mahogany Wood Manual Coffee Mill, then you can afford the most affordable in this list, that is Hario Ceramic Mini Slim black Coffee Mill.

Best Manual Coffee Grinder for French Press

1. Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder With Adjustable Setting

Stellar Javapresse brand avails this affordable and compact manual coffee grinder that blends with your kitchen counter. This conical-shaped burr mill with a brushed stainless body is a cool gadget for grinding whole coffee beans to a fine dough.

The machine features a selector switch mechanism to help you change from the French press, AeroPress, espresso drip coffee, or Turkish brew. While electric grinders are available, this manual coffee grinder is affordable, economical, reliable, and no batteries required. There are more features and benefits a manual grinder for French press has.

What makes this manual coffee grinder top most is that it is inexpensive, long-lasting, and no power required to run. The burr coffee grinder is versatile in that it delivers various flavors from AeroPress, French press, and more. Something else this manual coffee mill works quietly without producing destructive noises.


  • Grinds fast and effective for French press
  • Easy to store, clean and carry
  • Available at a consumer-friendly price
  • Grinds coffee beans consistently
  • You can easily adjust output sizes


  • Requires some skills to the operation
  • It is slow when grinding the espresso

Buying Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder is a one-time investment that offers you tremendous benefits. Firstly when you have this grinder, at no time even if you are traveling will you compromise your coffee feeling since no power needed.

2. Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean

This manual coffee grinder is wooden mill which has cast iron burr for grinding coffee. Moreover, the grinder has a large hand crank, but the overall size is moderate, which makes it portable to carry around when traveling or camping.

The grinder features high-quality wood and premium cast iron burr. The combination ensures that the machine remains durable. The design with cast iron burr prevent possible rusting and also ensure that essential oils from coffee don’t react to release a metal odor. Under the grinder, there is an adjustable screw that controls how fine the grinds be.

What makes Akirokoki Manual Coffee Beans Grinder best in the market is that it is designed with an ergonomic crank handle. The crank design makes grinding easy and smooth for users to use effortless, while it also eliminates noises whatsoever. No doubt, Akirakoki grinder comes at a pocket-friendly cost yet delivers real-time functionality and design.


  • Cast iron burr is safe from rust or heat
  • Features elegant solid wood make
  • Retails at a pocket-friendly price
  • Has grind capacity of 85g
  • Portable to travel or camp with


  • Grinding takes time
  • Requires some effort to grind

So, Akirokoki Manual Coffee Beans Grinder is a great device to have; its construction materials are super quality. By using wood in the body, design protects the machine from cracking or rusting. Something else is the use of cast iron that is rust and heat resistant too.

3. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

The Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Grinder is designed lightweight and small in size by the Porlex brand in a bid to save travelers who need to maintain the taste of fresh French press flavor. This grinder is reliable in that it features high-quality heat resistance conical ceramic burr and includes 13 grind settings.

The manual grinder is built with a stainless steel body that makes cleaning effortless and grinds quietly. Grinder bears solid stainless. Despite having  13 settings definition, the adjustable grinder grinds fast and precisely. Its shape, size, and lightweight make it easy to gip and carry while on travel, hikes, or camping.

What makes this grinder, customers’ number one preference, is that it is portable hence a superb travel companion. You can grip it and walk comfortably while on hike or travel. Its size makes it fit perfectly into the suitcase and AeroPress, hence convenient. Something great too with this best burr grinder for french press is that it allows you to grind the texture you want, from coarse, fine, or medium grinds.


  • Comes with versatile features
  • Portable designs hence ideal for travelers
  • Features static-safe body
  • Stainless steel and ceramic resists heat or rust
  • The grinder is adjustable to vary grind sizes


  • Not designed for complex usage
  • Small capacity, can grind only 1 or 2 beans

This superb designed manual coffee grinder is reliable, and for versatility, it can fit correctly on the AeroPress on removing the band. The handheld grinder is stress-free to use even with one hand.whichever type of coffee you want to grind, this device can handle them, whether you wish to grind French press or Turkish coffee.

4. Zassenhaus Santiago Mahogany Wood Manual Coffee Mill

If you are a traditional preservative, then this superb Germany classic manual wooden coffee mill model from the Zassenhaus brand is for you. Zassenhaus is a very famous, experienced quality brand that has been in the industry for more than a century. We appreciate this grinder that has stood the test of time and depicts the ancient German when to making coffee.

This prestigious grinder stands on the same side with treasures like watches and vintages, in terms of material make quality. You can imagine with a guarantee of 25 years, so unbelievable. This manual grinder features efficient, stylish designs. The machine works well with AeroPress and espresso.

Various benefits and usability maintain this grinder on the upper end. The iconic device comes with a 25 year guarantee, this shows the designer has tested it for many years and are sure about its century ratio durability. The grinder is older people’s top preference as many coffee enthusiasts have tested the value and are used to the flavor, which may remind them of time before modernity.


  • Comes with 25 year warranty no grind break
  • Designed with quality, world best materials
  • Features elegant mahogany finish
  • Depicts ancient german design
  • Durable and precious


  • Costly hence few can afford
  • Problematic for new users to achieve consistence

The classic coffee grinder is an exciting thing for the user. A great ornamental look reminds older users of their earlier life. Not only that, this coffee grinder comes in other colors, but also features fascinating beechwood and with added beautiful mahogany veneer.

5. 1Zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder

If portability is your main interest, then this stainless still conical burr grinder is what you are looking to buy. The manual coffee mill is small in size that it fits the AeroPress plunger perfectly and is ideal for travelers who mind their coffee taste feeling.

The 1Zpresso Q2 has over 60 consistencies, which allows users the option to choose the perfect brewing size.  This manual grinder light and versatile, designed to fit into an AeroPress. The grinder is portable enough that you can travel and brew your great coffee while on the road.

Everyone loves clean machines, and for this reason, some users would pick this grind, for it is easy to disassemble and clean it fuss-free. This stainless steel burr grinder features an adjustable setting that allows users to set it in a way to achieve any texture you wish to produce.


  • Features tremendous setting consistences
  • No skills needed to operate, even beginners
  • Producer allows 1-year warranty and free customer service
  • Lightweight hence portable
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Cons
  • Dial numbering runs or works counter-intuitively
  • The price is a bit high


  • Dial numbering runs or works counter-intuitively
  • The price is a bit high

You should have confidence in purchasing 1zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder as it is tested and proved to offer perfect service. The producer allows a 1year warranty with excellent customer service. This product features among the most reliable best manual coffee grinder for french press.

6. Hario Ceramic Mini Slim black Coffee Mill

Hario Ceramic Mini Slim Coffee Mill is a high-quality device from the Hario brand. The device retails at an affordable budget, and also the dark-colored transparent machine comes with a nice handle for comfortable usage. It is lightweight with ceramic burrs, which helps prevents overheating while grinding.

The device features a durable plastic body making it indestructible. With ceramic body, the grinder can grind medium-sized grinds. A huge plus feature in this grinder, you can easily adjust the click-based grinding size. Removable handle for secure storage

With the latest improvement where the designer reinforced the hexagonal adapter in a bid to moderate consistency and prevents wear, the grinder is now among the top in the industry. It is designed lightweight with around 8.7 oz, which boosts portability making the manual grinder travel friendly, and you can also store.


  • Adjustable and with removable handle for easy storage
  • Lightweight and portable hence travel friendly
  • Retails at affordable price
  • Designed transparent for easy measurements readability
  • Improved grind consistency through a hexagonal adapter


  • Durability should be improved
  • Features small burr set

Actually, despite some few issues that may be associated with the Hario mini slim grinder just like any other grinder, it retails at meager prices such that , has more excellent features over the price value.

7. Hario “Skerton Plus” Ceramic Coffee Mill

The superb quality producer Hario has been in the coffee grinder production industry for almost a century now. The company is known for dealing with top quality products always. Th skeleton plus ceramic coffee mill is a popular good coffee grinder for french press.

This Hario coffee grinder features a non-slip base due to the reinforced grind shaft. The ceramic burr coffee grinder is stylish and attractive. Additionally, it is a user-friendly machine that allows the user to vary from various types of grinds depending on individual taste.

We all love the quality product that can maintain the taste and aroma of the coffee. This manual skeleton grinder remains glorified since it preserves freshness and aroma of the ground coffee with the help of its airtight lid. The coffee mill is small in size and lightweight; hence the user can carry the grinder comfortably while traveling.


  • Features detachable handle hence storage and transportation ease
  • Updated model has boosted consistency
  • Airtight lip that preserves aromatic and freshness
  • Allows choosing settings for various brew methods
  • Designed stylishly with quality materials


  • Hard to adjust grind
  • Not efficient when grinding fine grids

The Skeleton Plus Ceramic Coffee Mill is the one ideal investment that can allow you to enjoy the peace of tasty richly flavored anytime. The size of this grinder is small, allowing you to carry everywhere you travel.

8. Eparé Manual Coffee Grinder

Thanks to Eparé brand for designing this stylish coffee grinder that features innovative technology.  The products are user friendly and grind coffee beans within very fast. This manual conical ceramic burr coffee grinder has stainless steel finish construction that makes it blend with kitchen parts.

The manual grinder has 15 adjustable settings that deliver the best precision and consistent grind. Designed ergonomically to fit in the palm when grinding. The equipment is dishwasher washable hence Cleaning, and overall maintenance is easy. The ceramic maintains the system heat resistant and prevents rusting.

This top-quality manual ceramic coffee grinder is attractive, performs ideally, and additionally produces various levels of grinds. The product produces consistent grinds without jamming during the process. It allows for easy and smooth handle turning, and usability is encouraging, which is the reason behind the top rating.


  • The grinder features attractive stainless steel finish
  • Various settings for many brewing options
  • Effortless cleaning and using
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty
  • Durable and grinds all types of coffee


  • Settings are a bit ambiguous
  • The handle grip can be improved

As the best manual coffee grinder for French press , it is userfriendly and is easy to maintain. The product is worth investing in as it incorporates so many grind settings to accommodate any user taste preference.

9. Porlex Jp-30 Stainless Grinder

The porlex brand is known for their quality products. Porlex jp-30 is a manual coffee grinder that features several texture settings, including very fine coffee beans. The good thing the grinder can as well produce more quantity, which makes it a perfect option when you have friends and family members around.

Jp-30, like the mini version, it is constructed stainless steel with built-in ceramic burrs that will never wear out. So the machine comes with a longevity guarantee. The device features a cranking mechanism allowing to switch from 12 grind settings. The settings help you switch to your favorite flavor.

If you want coffee grinder for french press or anything Turkish or fine espresso, then Jp-30 is your perfect choice. What makes this grinder one of the ideal options in this category is that it works with consistency; whether you want fine or coarse output, it will work out your wish.


  • The grinder delivers quality consistently
  • Easy to adjust and switch between settings
  • It is compact,easy to store and portable
  • The construction is high quality
  • Features a long-lasting ceramic burrs


  • Has a slippery body hence delicate handling
  • It is somehow costly

This ceramic conical burr has the capacity of up to 30 coffee beans; hence you can use it when you want to brew coffee for your events whether a family comes together, birthday, wedding, and more.so this grinder is reliable to produce a varied range of textures.

10. TIMEMORE CHESTNUT C2 Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Setting

This grinder works like is motor embedded or electrical, but it is a manual coffee grinder that delivers high precision CNC cutting and also shaping. TIMEMORE CHESTNUT C2 features adjustable setting which allows user to switch from pour-over espresso, french press, cold brew, and  Turkish style.

This camping and hiking friendly coffee grinder comprises an array of features that include; has a distinctive ornamental look. Quality, but affordable. The grinder is also fashionably designed with the latest innovative features. The handle spins easily while grinding your most excellent preference.

What makes it better is that the handle has a ball bearing that makes grinding effortless hence many users prefer the product. It has various settings that produce all home pour-over centric grinds. It is made of the aluminum body while the crank and burrs are stainless steel built.


  • It is lightweight which enhances its portability
  • The grinder is fashionable and aesthetic
  • Operation is effortless with ball bearing facilitated
  • Consistency production and effortless grinding
  • The material used ensures durability


  • Plastic internal compromises quality
  • Adjustability is cumbersome in the long-run

This grinder is a very popular, most affordable premium manual grinder, which makes it a better household option. If effortless usability is what you are looking for, then this Chinese made grinder is your best alternative.

Criteria to Follow When Buying Manual Coffee Grinders

When it comes to picking the right option in the market situation, there are features to check to get the best manual coffee grinder for french press.

Grinding Consistency

The most crucial quality to check in a grinder, particularly for the french press, is precision and consistency. Consistency will help unlock the deep and rich french press flavor. In the two basic beans grinders. Burr delivers quality and perfect results better than blae grinder because in the former, you can set teeth.

Grinder Versatility

It is worthy of spending your money in a device that will save your money the more. Even if the quality grinder for the french press is your interest, it won’t hurt if you invest your money in buying the grinder that has a wide range of settings.

The size of Your Grinder

Well, the size of the grinder matters a lot; some grinder are fit for one cup beans. However, if you have a big family or you prefer a grinder that can make fine grinds to brew many cups, you will need to buy a larger capacity grinder.

The cost factor. Well, even if you want a super quality and costly, you can not buy if you can afford it. Always look for quality but affordable. But also you should not be enticed by a high price, not all expensive items are quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which are best, electric or manual grinders?

Manual coffee grinders is the best for every way. Firstly manual grinders cost very little, yet they outway the most powerful electric grinder on durability and taste precision. Electric grinders are best if you can afford it, and you need convenience, but the manual just takes a little of your time to grind, which is a healthy exercise.

Q. What grind size do I need for French press?

Well, the size or the capacity of grinder that is better when you want french press grinds is the grinder that can produce coarse grinds consistently. So, the grinds that are even but coarse texture delivers exact french press flavor.

Q. Which are best, burr grinders or blade grinders?

Burr grinder is the ideal option compared to bland grinder because apart from being able to produce consistency, it also prevents your coffee from having a slurry that settles in the bottom of the glass.

Q. What’s the minimum number of grind settings I should look for in a coffee grinder?

The number of grind settings matters, but what matters most is if the grinder has basic settings like french press espresso or Turkish. Go for the grinders that have excellent flexibility and precision. So grinders have up to 40 grinds!


If you have the tools and the right size grinder that can produce the right consistency, then no doubt, you can be drinking the top quality french press coffee any day you want. If you are a coffee lover, then think about acquiring your own best manual coffee grinder for french press.

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