What is Pinon Coffee? Everything You Need To Know


When you want to taste your coffee with something more of its flavor, then mix the Pinon nut for the best experience. It is a sweet, buttery, and chocolate flavor coffee that your mouth cannot but deny. In the history of Java, Pinon coffee is the best flavorful sip.

After the 21st century, two friends of New Mexico promote the recipe to mix the Pinon nuts with ground coffee. Now, this coffee is famous throughout the world because of its nutty strong flavor and taste.

Pinon coffee is a naturally flavored coffee that mainly grows in southwest America. A classical hand-roasted yummy coffee with strong cupping. It is organic, less cultivated, but good for health. Let’s explore the essential knowledge about Pinon coffee before another sip.

What Is Pinon Coffee?

Pinon or Pinoli is one kind of pine nut. A wild pine tree grows in the southwest desert mountain of America. Ripens slowly and takes time (four to seven years) for perfection. Harvesters collect the cones of Pinon at the fall season and take out the seeds.

Pinon Coffee is mainly a mixture of 100% Arabica coffee and a small quantity of Pinon nuts. The species of Arabica coffee comes from Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. They cultivate the coffee in a natural organic way. They do not use a laboratory rather than an old method to roast the coffee. That’s why the coffee is full of natural aroma and out of bitterness.

There is an oily touch on top of the Pinon coffee that comes from the Pinon nuts. Its mouth-melting chocolate taste wins the heart of the coffee lover. Pinon nuts are organic seeds, and a little custom- made flavor mixed on it. 

Patented Pinon coffee is dark in color and rich in flavor. The added vanilla gives a taste of wilderness even if you could smell it. Once you brew your Pinon nut and coffee, you will get a thick and most flavorful, lip-smacking coffee in your cup.

What does Pinon Coffee Taste Like?

The savor of a cup of Pinon coffee is beyond description. It’s a dark and deep coffee with a luscious chocolate taste. This unique coffee is not like other artificial flavored coffee or hazelnut latte. 

The organic nuts of Pinon provide a buttery sense of taste, and you can’t feel any acidic or bitter taste in your mouth. The medium roasted Pinon nuts and coffee bean provide an appealing smell. You can drink it as dark coffee, espresso, with cream or sugar.

To make your Pinon coffee add 1 to 2 tablespoon coffee with 180 ml cold filtered water. You will feel a mouthful of choco-nutty coffee and order another aromatic cup to enjoy.

History Of Pinon Coffee

Historically,  people of southwest America prepared Pinon coffee. Those native people used all parts of a Pinon tree. They saved the nuts for starvation. Pinon nuts contain high protein and good fat. However, Pinon nuts are wild and not available all the time, so they didn’t have a bounty of nuts all the time. They made the coffee with a mixture of Arabica coffee.

Before the 1960s, Albuquerque candymaker George Buffet first used New Mexican Pinon nuts for commercial purposes. He used the nuts of his chocolate, toffies, and brittle for its buttery tang. Over two decades ago, the company started to roast Pinon coffee on the back of their pic-up truck.  Now his company sells shelled and roasted Pinon nuts also and the people of New Mexico are mad about it. 

Harvesting of Pinon Nuts

Pinon Trees is mainly a small type of pine tree grown in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah. The plant raises from 5000 feet to 7000 feet high. There are cones of Pinon seeds on the tree. The cones need two years to ripen properly. 

Pinon trees grow well in sunny and rainy land.  The spring rain is important for harvest. The rocky cliffs and canyon rims of New Mexico are ideal lands for Pinon nut Plantation. Surprisingly, this harsh climate creates a unique flavor to the nuts.

For harvesting, people collect the green and closed cones of Pinon seeds from the tree. Farmers break the cone to collect the seeds. The dark brown seeds are Pinon nuts, and the light brown seeds are void or empty. While collecting the cone, wear hand gloves to protect your hand from the sharp exterior of the cone.

Pinon seeds need a blunt object like pliers or rolling pin to open the seeds. It takes out the nut from the seed without damages. Only one Pinon tree can provide an incredible number of seeds, but it produces seeds once every four or seven years. 

If you want to harvest Pinon for commercial purposes, you have to take approval. But the local people can produce Pinon for their personal use without permission. You can gather nuts up to 25 pounds for your use without any permit.

Preservation Of Pinon Nuts

Local residents preserve the Pinon nuts by roasting it by hand. They roasted the nuts in a metal pan on the open fire. Nowadays, modern roasters roast coffee beans flawlessly. Pinon needs hand roasting, which takes out its unique taste. However, some people grind the nuts and make them paste to use. Traditional Pinon is always a medium roasted coffee.

The roasted or ground Pinon coffee should be stored in a dry and cool place. The well-known Pinon Coffee company New Mexico Pinon Coffee advised not to keep them in the refrigerator or freezer. The coffee lovers highly recommend using the French press maker for making the coffee as you don’t want to miss a bit of taste.

Pinon Coffee In New Mexico

Pinon tree or Pinus edulis is the official state tree of New Mexico. The root of the Pinon coffee originated in New Mexico. Moreover, the best quality Pinon nuts grow here.

Pinon coffee has cultural and traditional value to the native people and Hispanic residents.  They collect the nuts by arranging foraging parties and sell them. They roast on hand or grind the nuts for future needs. The Nutella came from ground Pinon nuts mixed with sugar. People of New Mexico use Pinon with snacks and desserts also.

The New Mexico Pinon coffee company is now a leading producer of Pinon coffee. They have brought various flavors with hazelnut, coconut, strawberry, vanilla, and many more flavors of Pinon coffee. There Pinon is gluten-free and out of all allergens. No sugar and artificial flavors added on it.

Are Pinon Nuts And Pine Nuts The Same?

No. Pinon nuts and Pine nuts are not the same types of nuts. Pinon nuts come from the Pinon tree that mainly grows in extreme Mexican weather. It is one kind of small pine tree with pine cone and seeds inside it. To be easy, it is the black prince among the variety of roses.

Does Pinon Coffee Have Caffeine?

Like other coffee, Pinon coffee also possesses caffeine. The Arabica coffee used in Pinon coffee is similar to the other species of coffee and rich in caffeine. So, as usual, you will find 100 mg of caffeine for an 8oz cup. 

But if you have a problem with caffeine, then choose New Mexico Pinon Coffee, a Pinon coffee company that made decaffeination on their Pinon coffee. The decaffeination method removes caffeine from 97 to 98.5% by applying ultrasound, vapor, vacuum, and water. There will be no change of taste, color, and flavor on your Pinon coffee. 

Nutritional Facts Of Pinon Coffee

Pinon coffee is a blend of Pinon nut and Arabica coffee. It is suitable for your health. Naturally, the nut contains good fat, minerals, essential oil, and vitamins. Doctors suggest having nuts daily. It decreases bad cholesterol and increases energy. The flavor and aroma of Pinon coffee are impressive and boost up your mind in every sip. So you can happily enjoy your cup as your morning Java.

Moreover, Pinon nuts are harvested with proper care, and it is an organic nut. No artificial color and flavor is added with the nuts. The coffee bean of Arabica is also natural, hand-roasted, and there is no chemical or laboratory touch on them. As a result, your Pinon coffee is out of any harmful substance.

Pinon Coffee With Biscochito Latte Recipe

If you want to taste an authentic recipe, then pick the original Pinon coffee. The New Mexico Pinon coffee has its signature and original coffee Pinon coffee Cold Brew Concentrate. Try a new delicious recipe of Biscochito Latte with this coffee. No doubt, you will enjoy every sip happily.


  1. ½ cup of New Mexico Pinon Coffee Cold Brew Concentrate.
  2. Two crushed Biscochito cookies. 
  3. ½ cup of almond milk or (you can use another milk).
  4. One tablespoon of honey.
  5. One cup of water.
  6. A little cinnamon powder and ice for garnishing.


Step 1. Take a blender to mix the Pinon coffee concentrate, crushed Biscochito cookies, almond milk, water, and honey smoothly.

Step 2. Pour the coffee in a glass and sprinkle cinnamon and little crushed Biscochito cookies for flavor.

Step 3. You can add ice before drinking. Chears. 

Final Words

A coffee lover hardly thinks his morning without coffee. People who have a fascination with coffee always welcome the recipes of joe. There is a group of cafephilia who love plain coffee only. But both types of coffee devotee enjoy the Pinon coffee madly. It is a classical winner among artificial competitors. No matter how rare or costly the coffee is, it also fulfills the requirement of taste.

Moreover, the food value is awesome for physical and mental health. So, go for another cup of chocolate coffee. Happy sip with joe.

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